Sunday, 27 September 2015

New mixed thread kits

I now have three new kits available on the website - Autumn Mixed Thread Crewelwork, Spring Mixed Thread Crewelwork and Miniature Crewelwork Motif.

All three are worked on a new linen mix fabric called Normandy, which is lighter than the traditional linen twill, so is easier to make the projects into items such as pin cushions and box tops.

The Spring and the Autumn kits also include stranded cottons as well as crewel wool, and the Miniature Crewelwork Motif includes beads.

The Autumn Crewelwork is displayed on a wooden pin cushion base. These are available, but stock is limited, so please get in touch for more details if you're interested in one of these.

Do take a look at the Crewelwork Kits section of the website for more, click here.