Monday, 4 May 2009

In stitches: honeysuckle to spring bonnets

I've had another busy few weeks here at Vine Embroidery. I've produced a 3-D goldwork bonnet, which is now out in Mary Hickmott's New Stitches magazine. Kits are available - see the magazine for details.

I've also completed a silk-shaded honeysuckle with gold kid and beads on a dark green silk - which I've used to cover a sewing box, finished off with braids to match. The piece will appear in New Stitches later this year. I completed it while on holiday in Devon over Easter. I was so pleased with it, I didn't want to send it away!

I'm also currently working on a commission for a clerical stole with silk shaded passion flowers, with goldwork stems and tendrills and a gold work IHS.

In the meantime, I'm putting together the list for the next six months of Saturday classes at my workshop in Hilperton. So if you have any special requests, please drop me an email.